Thrapston Town band is committed to the safeguarding of all our members, and are therefore onboard with the Brass Bands England (BBE) BandSafe programme. 

BBE’s BandSafe programme is a selection of tools, training and resources that can be easily accessed to enable us to manage the band in a way that safeguards all the members from harm, both children and adults, as well as protecting the group from possible reputational damage. 

The BandSafe programme has been created in partnership with the NSPCC and is made up of several elements, tailored to the challenges faced in a band environment. 

For more information on this please see our Safeguarding Policy or visit the BBE BandSafe website.

The band currently have two members who are Bandsafe trained and their certificates are below. 

If you have any safeguarding issues or concerns within the band, please speak to either of these members, or any of the Committee, who will follow the relevant pathways.

Diana Clarke