At least we think it’s our first-ever National Finals… Certainly in the “modern era”, it most certainly is!
And what a journey it’s been. Just 3 years to get to this point.
Back in late 2019, we had conversations alongside our (at the time) new MD, Nathan Waterman about the prospect of potentially competing at the next Regional Finals (aka “The Areas”).
So in March 2020, right before the country went into first Lockdown, we performed “Neverland” and came 13th. We were chuffed. We weren’t last!
There was no contest in 2021 (covid… obviously!), so we had our next chance to compete in 2022, performing “Argos”, and we placed 3rd! Wow! We were so happy.
Then there came this year’s Areas… and with the piece “Hungerford Town” we placed an incredible 1st, and earned promotion to the Third Section, and our chance to perform at this weekend’s Nationals… the band’s first-ever outing at one of the banding world’s showpiece events.
So placing 13th, 3rd, 1st, then “Top 10” at the Nationals is simply unbelievable, and one heck of an achievement for the band.
Thrapston Town Band is a great bunch. Always sticking together. Never letting adversities like Covid, and the threat of no band room deter us, we pull together, plough on, and do great things, not only in contesting, but in the community… whether that be performing concerts and events, or Remembrance weekend, or teaching local young people how to play an instrument and enjoy the thrill of music for themselves… the band does an incredible amount year-round.
So now we look forward to the future. Two more contests in quick succession before Christmas, then the Christmas season itself, and then straight into preparations for the 2024 Regional Finals in March!
We can’t wait to continue our journey of improvement and bring the joy of brass banding to all those that come to hear us perform.
Thanks go to our team of supporters who follow us around and keep encouraging us…
To our MD Nathan Waterman, who has spearheaded our musical progression, and who puts in many extra hours for us, on top of his MD duties…
to Morrisons in Thrapston, and Ringstead Village Social Club who answered our plea for a new band room, and kept the band going by providing us with rehearsal facilities…
to our families who allow us to indulge many many hours in our “hobby”!…
…and most importantly, to all the players at Thrapston Town Band for the sheer hard work and time commitment that goes into brass banding.